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Jodi's Cleaning Service (Jodi Sterling, Owner) has been cleaning apartments for some of my clients for many years. Jodi was recommended by the parent of one of my clients. She is VERY RELIABLE, VERY HONEST, and VERY METICULOUS. She communicates with clients in a kind and respectful manner and is very sensitive and understanding. I would highly recommend Jodi's Cleaning!!!!            

                     -Rebecca Longe, Program Manager at HowardCenter, Developmental Services 


Jodi and Gary have been in charge of our cleaning for years now. It is a pleasure for us to know that our home is well cared for by them and by their staff. They are dependable and always do a good job for us, and they really care. We appreciate that!  

                               -Kimberly DuBrul, Business, Life, Leadership, and Mindset Coach

Are you looking for a someone to help take a load off your already long list of duties by helping out with the cleaning, but are not are not sure where to turn? I felt the same way. I'm thankful that I had two friends who were already benefiting from the services of Jodi Sterling's cleaning services and considering that one of these friends are VERY particular about her home, I knew that I'd be safe. I had my mother cleaning my house (as this is what she does as well) and when she decided to slow down I had to find someone safe, reliable and reasonable. It's been over 3 years; they have not cancelled on me and are very flexible when I have to change a day due to sick kids or school vacation. They're very accomdating. I can honestly say that if they ended their business, I would go into deep depression trying to find a replacement! Highly recommend their services. 
-Stacey Hamblett, Owner of The Urban Salon Team

   Email me and let me know if you want to be on our testimonial page. We love to hear what our clients have to say about the business!   

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