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We are always looking for dedicated cleaners and we highly encourage you to apply! If you are interested in a possible position, please read the specifications below:



  • Honesty: Clients want to know that the stranger cleaning their house won't be tempted by their valuables. We strive ourselves on having a very trustworthy team so this is VERY important (i.e. why we do background checks).

  • Reliability: This not only includes a reliable vehicle, but possessing punctuality. As clients have many different schedules, our schedules are set around their needs. Being on time and ready to work is imperative to this job.

  • An enjoyment for cleaning: This seems obvious, but we understand that not everyone likes to pick up a vacuum and use it every day. However; if you dislike cleaning, your efficiency and attitude could fall and that's detrimental to our client base.

  • Attention to detail: As discussed before, we want the room to be magazine ready. Every stray shoe, piece of paper, and speck of dust must be tidied up or cleaned.

  • No experience needed: Cleaning is very easy to learn and is quite beneficial when cleaning you're own house!

  • Starts with the basics: Each house will start with a basic cleaning; the specifics can be found here.

  • We do what the client wants: Each client has different needs; therefore, if they want us to focus on the master bedroom and make the bed, or clear the cobwebs in the basement, that's our next priority.

  • Magazine ready rooms: We clean each room as if it were to be photographed in a magazine. We want to exceed our client's expectations.

  • Average houses per day: 4-6 depending on the house.

  • Average time per house: 1.5 hours.

  • Training: I clean next to you for two weeks, demonstrating the proper basics and what each client likes until you feel comfortable doing it on your own.


We do



  • Full-time

  • Part-time

  • Temporary

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